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Accuride began as a small tool and die shop in 1962 in South Gate, California, producing top-quality slides for tape drives and copy machines. Founder Fred Jordan entered a market eager for increasingly precise products and soon, the company expanded to a 40,000 square-foot facility in Santa Fe Springs, California.

In the late 1960s, Accuride developed ball bearing slides for metal office furniture. The company's design engineers then took on the wood furniture market, developing features such as breathing tabs to absorb tolerances in wood products.

Accuride built its reputation on quality and ensures strict standards are met by maintaining control over many manufacturing processes others routinely job-out. Progressive dies, roll forms, and plating lines are built and maintained in house, as are other key tools and machinery.

Today, still privately held, Accuride has more than 1 million square feet of manufacturing space around the world and is the largest company in the world dedicated to the innovative design and manufacture of ball bearing slide products.

Accuride slides are designed into a wide range of applications such as fine furniture and cabinetry, high-end appliances, electronic enclosures, luxury automobiles and utility vehicles, and industrial equipment.