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Accuride slides provide access, smooth movement, and positioning solutions for a diverse range of applications including appliances, automobiles, utility trucks and emergency vehicles, medical equipment, industrial and production line equipment, toolboxes, electronic racks, and more.

Our extensive and reliable network of internal and external resources gives us the ability to manage complex projects, while remaining flexible and responsive to rapid time-to-market requirements. Additionally, our global support and manufacturing locations make us a flexible partner for projects of any size, anywhere in the world.

Industrial and Electromechanical Slides

Value-Added Services

Accuride offers value-added services such as inventory management and warehousing based on customized production forecasts.

Supply Chain Management

Accuride builds long-term partnerships with essential vendors and has back-up sources for all commodities solidly in place. Suppliers are brought in at the earliest development stages of new products to assure manufacturability and the lowest total costs. We encourage performance feedback from our customers and require critical suppliers to respond with continuous improvement plans. These measures allow our customers to rely on Accuride for on-time delivery and the highest quality products at competitive prices.

Post-Manufacturing Support

As part of Accuride's commitment to long-term customer relationships, our services continue beyond design approval and the beginning of production. We provide the highest-level service throughout the lifetime of your program.

  • On going product engineering
  • Cost reduction planning
  • Value added engineering
  • Alternate packaging methods
  • Performance testing
  • Warranty support
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