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Accuride is a development partner and Tier 2 supplier of automotive movement solutions.

Accuride works closely with car manufacturers, interior suppliers, and design and engineering specialists, to develop unique features for car interiors that meet the growing requirement for ergonomics, comfort, flexibility, and storage.

Sliding armrests, under seat storage, seat adjustment, loading platforms and other storage solutions are among the many applications solutions provided by Accuride.

Slides for your car

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Automotive Brochure

An overview of the development support and product benefits brought to automotive interiors by Accuride.

Cargo Floor Lift

Compartmentalize storage with this manually operated platform system.

Sliding Center Console

Share the console and its space and features between the front and rear passengers.

Height Adjustable Console

This armrest raises or lowers to provide an ergonomic sitting position. It is also stowable when the seats are folded down to maximize the available space.

Drawer slides for your car