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Heavy Duty Slides » 3641

Load Rating: Load Rating: 180 lb./82 kg

Over travel with interlock feature

Designed for industrial or medical carts, tool or equipment storage, and other heavy multi-drawer applications where tipping might occur due to weight shift.

RoHS Compliant

    •  1" [25.4 mm] over travel
    • .89" [22.6 mm] side space
    • Drawers up to 42" [1067 mm] wide
    • One piece rail-and-pocket mount/disconnect system
    • Steel ball bearings
    • Even lengths 14"—28" and 17" [353-709, and 429 mm]
    • Clear zinc or black finish
  • Load Rating: 180 lb./82 kg
    • Interlock system allows only one drawer to open at a time.
    • Front location of interlock eliminates reaching during installation.
    • Interfaces with central- or gang-locking system.
    • Cut-to-length aluminum connecting rods.
    • Hold-in detent to prevent drawer roll-out and bounce-back.
    • Silenced in and out.
    • 32 mm and traditional hole pattern.
    • Gang locking system: P/N 4180-0345-XE
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