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Load Rating: 100 lb./45 kg.

Touch Release Slide

The 3832 Touch Release holds drawers or pull-out shelves in a closed position until activated by touch, eliminating the need for knobs or pulls.

RoHS Compliant

  • Full extension
  • .50" (+.031 -0.00) [12.7 mm] (+0.8mm -0.00mm) side space
  • Drawers up to 16" [406 mm] wide
  • Lever disconnect
  • Ball bearings: Zinc and black—steel, White—steel and polymer
  • Even lengths 12"—28" [300—700 mm]
  • Clear zinc, black or white finish
  • 100 lb./45 kg.
  • Touch Release feature holds drawers closed until activated by touch.
  • Mechanism propels drawers open approximately 2" from the closed position.
  • Opening mechanism requires only 1/16" travel inward to activate.
  • No protruding pulls offer a safer and more sanitary solution.
  • Compatible with inset and overlay drawer front styles.
  • Includes Cam Drawer Adjust feature.
  • 32 mm and traditional hole patterns.
  • Face frame kit #4180-0661-XE
  • Rear Face Frame Bracket Kit (Bulk) P/N 4080-0649-CE    Please Note: The Rear Face Frame Bracket is specially designed to fit the Touch Release models. It is not compatible with the other 3832 products.
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Important Information

Model 3832HDTR has a stronger hold-in force designed for more demanding applications such as RV or marine cabinetry. For more information on this product, contact your local Accuride distributor or district sales manager.